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We run IELTS PTE & SAT courses - classed by top notch teachers. Fees are reasonable but more importantly, we help you get the score you need in shortest possible time!

Ace tests @ iae

Good test scores maximise your chances of getting scholarships & visas

SAT Classes at iae Nepal

Hugely successful prep classes for IELTS, PTE and SAT are available at iae GLOBAL Nepal, Dillibazar. Call us to book a seat.Call iae

SAT at iae

Unlock USA Scholarships with SAT @ iae

· 8 week course ·

Personalized SAT prep course by highly experienced Ivy League graduate teacher @ iae

Join the club of high acheivers by doing our highly regarded SAT course at iae Nepal. The secret sauce to high scores is laid bare, for those ready for the journey.

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Why take SAT®

  • → Increase you chances to gain admissions into highly selective USA universities
  • → Maximise your visa chances
  • → Increase scholarship awards

Score Scale

  • Section
  • Verbal
  • Math
  • Score Scale
  • 800
  • 800

SAT Test Fee

US$104 ($55 + $49)

How to register?

Easy. We do this at iae NEPAL for our students as a cost-free service.
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