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Study Business Analytics in Australia

Demand for Business Analytics graduates has skyrocketed in the past years. Data as an engine of growth has been taken seriously by all industries and BA as a profession is only going to grow in coming years.

  • Babukaji Shrestha

Babukaji Shrestha

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Study Business Analytics in Australia

A degree in Business Analytics (BA) gives you skills to work with data, as well as knowledge about quantitative tools used in the industry. In this course, you will learn how to effectively communicate company data to stakeholders by applying data-driven statistical models for decision making and growth.

'Data is the new oil' is a commonly held belief in the modern world where a previously unseen scale of data is not only generated but worked on for decision making, profits and growth

In Australia, the scope of business analytics is rapidly expanding, and BA graduates are in high demand. Corporate demand for data analytics graduates is projected to surge by 25% by 2025.

Business analytics is being used by companies in practically every industry to improve decisions and enhance corporate goals. In Australia, associated degrees are becoming increasingly renowned, but the number of data science graduates is still limited.

Due to the rising demand for business analytics graduates, businesses and even regulatory agencies are cooperating with universities to produce programs, facilities, and data analytics institutes. These connections assist students in various aspects, including improved employment prospects and easy accessibility to world-class technology and research.

A graduate degree in business analytics will open doors to high-level managerial positions in a variety of industries. Because of its sheer potential to influence a business, a business analytics degree is now being considered a really wise investment. This degree incorporates critical innovative thinking, learning methodologies, leadership, reasoning, quality management, and awareness, all of which are abilities that are in high demand.

Businesses today want to extract value from the ever-increasing volume of data in today's environment to create a competitive edge for themselves. That is why a business analytics degree can be a real asset for students to excel in the Australian corporate world or any other progressive business culture. This degree will provide students with the comprehensive analytical skills designed to retrieve significance from large datasets, as well as the ability to deduct significant conclusions to impact the business.

We have compiled a list of the top universities offering Business Analytics courses in Australia, which can be seen below.


University OF Newcastle

Intake: February, July
Cost: 32,015 AUD per year
Location: Newcastle, Australia
IELTS: 6 overall (6.0 each band)
PTE: 58 overall (50 each band)
Scholarship: Yes


Deakin University

Intake: March, July
Cost: 35,800 AUD per year
Location: Burwood, Australia
IELTS: 6. overall(6.0 each band)
PTE: 58 overall(50 each band)
Scholarship: Yes


La Trobe University

Intake: February, July, October
Cost: 37,400 AUD per year
Location: Bundoora VIC , Australia
IELTS: 6.5overall(6.0 each band)
PTE: 58 overall(50 each band)
Scholarship: Yes


Macquarie University

Intake: February
Cost: 39,703 AUD per year
Location: Macquarie Park NSW, Australia
IELTS: 6 overall(6.0 each band)
PTE: 58 overall(50 each band)
Scholarship: Yes


Bond University

Intake: January and September
Cost: 21,600 AUD per year
Location: Robina QLD, Australia
IELTS: 6.5 overall(6.0 each band)
PTE: 58 overall(50 each band)
Scholarship: Yes

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