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Popular courses for PCL Nursing graduates to study in Australia

Great options for PCL Nursing students who want to study in Australia - low IELTS/low PTE options available!

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Popular courses for PCL Nursing graduates to study in Australia

Are you about to finish or have you completed you PCL in Nursing in Nepal? If you are considering Australia for your higher education, start by knowing your study options.


If your English language competence level is IELTS 7.0 (or PTE equivalent), you will qualify to start a Bachelor's in Nursing degree without any pathway courses or otherwise.

If you do not want to enrol directly into Bachelor's of Nursing for any reason, you are able to enrol into any one of the below courses. The IELTS/PTE requirements for below courses is generally lower, if that has been a problem for you.


  • Bachelor/Diploma of Public Health
  • Bachelor/Diploma of Social work
  • Bachelor/Diploma of Health Services Management
  • Bachelor/Diploma of Excersie and Sports Sciences
  • Bachelor/Diploma of Exercise Science & Rehabilitation
  • Bachelor/Diploma of Nutrition Science
  • Bachelor/Diploma of Science (Chiropractic)
  • Bachelor/Diploma of Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Bachelor/Diploma of Social Science (Ageing and Disability)
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
  • Bachelor of Food Science



There are many options for PCL students to study in Australia. More importantly, there are strong career and permanent residency (PR) prospects for licensed clinical nurses to live and work in Australia. 🩺

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